Stephen Lucek

Stephen LucekOriginally from America, Stephen Lucek arrived in Dublin 10 years ago to “find himself”. He has worked in a call centre for a national bank and as a writer and editor before returning to education to study the science of language. After spending his first 5 years in Dublin getting lost and not properly following directions, he began to wonder about how people think about the space around them and how to get to places. Recently, he has started to investigate how Irish people think English language use varies across Ireland. This research, co-investigated with fellow researcher Vicky Garnett, has yielded interesting results that will be shared at the Dublin Language Garden 2016.

Stephen completed his Ph.D. in Linguistics at Trinity in 2015. His research areas include questions concerning the unique nature of Irish English, specifically, how anybody gets anywhere without getting lost and what this spatial language can tell us about non-spatial things.


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