Jeffrey Kallen

Jeff KallenDr. Jeffrey Kallen is an Associate Professor of Linguistics and Phonetics in Trinity College Dublin. Following a degree in Folklore Studies from Western Washington University (Fairhaven College), he switched to linguistics (MA, University of Washington) before doing a PhD in Trinity College on the history and syntax of Irish English (or Hiberno-English). Though he has taught in nearly every area of linguistics (including phonetics and phonology, syntax and morphology, child language acquisition, bilingualism, historical linguistics, language and ethnicity, sociolinguistics, and linguistic approaches to language disability), his main research interests include Irish English, corpus linguistics, English as a world language, the sociology of language in Ireland, and studies in the Linguistic Landscape (the display of written language in the public space).

A director of the International Corpus of English (ICE) project for Ireland, which made available an all-Ireland, Jeff bookmillion-word electronic corpus of spoken and written English known as ICE-Ireland and an annotated version of the corpus known as SPICE-Ireland, Dr. Kallen recently published Irish English volume 2: The Republic of Ireland (De Gruyter, 2013), and has published over 30 papers in this field. His publications on Linguistic Landscape have concentrated on the distribution and uses of Irish and English, considering topics such as tourism, language policy, and the Border, but they have also considered other languages used in Ireland and made comparisons with the Linguistic Landscape in Japan. He has published and presented papers and book reviews on topics such as bilingualism and human rights, discourse analysis, dialectology and dialect mapping, the semiotics of postage stamps, the acquisition of Irish, the Irish language in America, and the semiotics and linguistics of foodways.

Jeff’s talk, “The Linguistics Landscapes of Joyce’s Ulysses” will take place early on in the evening during the Dublin Language Garden.  Find out more about Jeff’s talk, and the other talks that we have on offer, here


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