Brian Nolan

Brian NolanDr. Brian Nolan is Head of School of Informatics and Engineering at the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown, Dublin in Ireland. The research interests of Dr. Nolan include computational approaches to speech and language processing; computational linguistics, linguistic theory at the morphosyntactic-semantic interface, argument structure and valence, constructions in grammar, event structure in language and the architecture of the lexicon. His linguistic work has been in the functional linguistic model of Role and Reference Grammar.

In 2012 Dr. Nolan published a book with Equinox UK on the linguistic structure of Irish in a Role and Reference Grammar account entitled: ‘The structure of Modern Irish: A functional account’. In 2013 Benjamins published his recent (co-edited) volume: ‘Linking constructions into functional linguistics – The role of constructions in grammar’ in their Studies in Language Companion series. His most recent (co-edited) Benjamin volume on computational linguistics and linguistic theory, ‘Language processing and grammars: The role of functionally oriented computational models’ was published in 2014, also in their Studies in Language Companion series.  He also co-edited a Benjamins book on ‘Causation, transfer and permission’ in linguistic theory, which appeared in late 2014. Dr. Nolan has over 40 years experience nationally and internationally within the computer industry, with almost 2 decades in academia, in a variety of senior roles and is also a widely published professional linguist.

Selected titles by Dr. Brian Nolan

Selected titles by Dr. Brian Nolan


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