Adrian Tien

Adrian staff photoAssociate Professor Adrian Tien is a linguist whose research focuses on aspects of Chinese linguistics. His teaching and research specialisations include semantics and cognitive linguistics, language and culture, cross-cultural communication, language acquisition, studies on Chinese-English or English-Chinese translation and aspects of Chinese sociolinguistics. He has appeared widely in international conferences, public lectures and seminar speaking on his research. Along with numerous journal articles and book chapters he has written, Prof. Tien is the author of The Semantics of Chinese Music: Analysing selected Chinese musical concepts (John Benjamins 2015) and Lexical Semantics of Children’s Mandarin Chinese during the First Four Years (Lincom 2011). Prof. Tien has been bestowed the title QTA (“Queen’s Trust Achiever”) on Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee as a young Australian achiever. His third book which is forthcoming is titled Anatomy of Chinese offensive words: a lexical and semantic analysis.

Adrian is also a musicologist  as well as a professional classical musician who plays the piano and the carillon, and has played in concerts extensively on these instruments.

Adrian will be talking about how offensive words are steeped in a culture and language during the ‘Night Garden‘ part of the evening (from 9pm onwards).  As you can imagine, this talk will contain language that some may find offensive, and is not recommended for children.