Meet the Researchers

The core group of organisers of the Dublin Language Garden consists of Ph.D. candidates from the Centre for Language & Communications Studies in Trinity College Dublin ( Other participants include researchers affiliated with the School of Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences, and with the Irish department in Trinity College. Find out more about the researchers and their research interests below:

Emily Barnes

Screenshot_2016-04-16-21-59-41Emily works as a research assistant in the Phonetics and Speech Lab and is going into the second year of a part-time M.Phil in Speech and Language Processing.  Find out more about what brought Emily to study linguistics here

Deirdre Dunlevy

Deirdre PicDeirdre is in her fourth year of her Ph.D. and is looking at Linguistic Landscapes in Spain. Find out more about Deirdre and her research here.


Aoife Finn

Aoife photos 2 (Te Wananga) cropped

Aoife is in her third year of her Ph.D and is looking at the case-system and grammatical relations of te reo Māori, the indigenous language of New Zealand. She loves syntax and her research interests include ergativity and reflexivity. Find out more about her research here

Adrian Tien

Adrian staff photoAdrian Tien is a linguist whose research focuses on aspects of Chinese linguistics.  As well as publishing books on the semantics of Chinese music, Adrian also focuses on swearing in different languages.  Find out more about Adrian’s research here


Peter Sheekey

Peter SheekeyPeter specialises in teaching and curriculum design for English as a Second Language. His research interests include second language learning and acquisition, second language identity work, critical literacy, web-assisted language learning and socially situated learning. Find out more about Peter and his work here.

Vicky Garnett

IMG_0213Vicky is a part-time Ph.D. student looking into how population movement can affect language change, particularly in her home county of Somerset, in England. Find out more about Vicky and her research here!

Dorus Fransen

Dorus FransenDorus is going into the third year of his Ph.D. at Trinity, working at the intersection of historical and computational linguistics for Irish.  More specifically, he is looking to interconnect Irish verbs across time using Natural Language Processing methods, contributing to the field of Irish historical lexicography. Find out more about Dorus here!

Conor Pyle

Conor PyleConor Pyle is a PhD candidate in Linguistics at TCD, with a dissertation on “Valence adjusting structures in Pitjantjatjara, Yankunytjatjara and Ngaanyatjarra in a Role and Reference Grammar account”.  Find out more about his research here


Anna Festa

1623691_10152610768606772_3043419420593707652_nAnna Festa is a Ph.D. student in the School of Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences researching the development of inflectional affixes in Italian and in English in a context where children receive exposure to both languages from birth.  Find out more about Anna and her research here!

Stephen Lucek

StephenStephen has a Ph.D. in Linguistics.  His research areas include questions concerning the unique nature of Irish English, specifically, how space is conceptualised.  Find out more about Stephen and what brought him to Linguistics here.

Ciara Browne

C BrowneCiara’s research is looking at the syntax/semantics interface in an understudied group of languages known as Grassfields Bantu in Western Cameroon. Find out more about Ciara’s research here!

Katherine Morales


Katherine is a PhD student in Sociolinguistics at Trinity College Dublin, where she studies sociolinguistic theory with a particular focus on the intersection between identity and language use in bilingual communities. Her research looks at the distribution of English among Latino adolescents in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. To find out more about her research click here!

Elke Diedrichsen

photo_DiedrichsenDr. Elke Diedrichsen specialises in syntax and functions of language.  Her Lightning Talk at the Dublin Language Garden will look at language in internet memes.  Find out more about Elke and her publications in Linguistics here.

Nicole Volmering


Nicole Volmering is currently an Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Irish and Celtic Languages at Trinity College Dublin. Her research interests include medieval Irish language and literature, linguistics and manuscript studies, as well as Old English and medieval Latin literature. Find out more about Nicole here.

Lorraine Leeson


Lorraine Leeson is Director of Research at the School of Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences, Trinity College Dublin (University of Dublin) and Director of the College’s Centre for Deaf Studies.  She is Ireland’s inaugural Professor of Deaf Studies. Lorraine has published widely on aspects of the linguistics and sociolinguistics of Irish Sign Language and in the area of sign language interpreting.  In 2008, she was named a European Language Ambassador for her work on signed languages. Find out more about Lorraine and her ‘Lightning Talk’ here.


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