Throughout Culture Night, the Dublin Language Garden will host several different language related activities and talks to inspire you in your submission to the Garden.  All our activities and games are suitable for people of ALL ages, so take part!

We will be updating this list as we add more to the garden over the coming weeks, but here are some of the activities we have in store for you…

The Vocal Track – What does your speech look like?

Sign languages and written language are primarily visual mediums, and we don’t usually think of the spoken word as something visual.  In acoustic phonetics, we use techniques to study the sounds of speech and visualise them so that we can better understand how speech works.  In the Vocal Track, you will be able to record yourself and to see what your speech looks like.  We will read your speech and tell you about the particular qualities of your voice, and you will also get a printout of your speech to compare with other people.

What’s Your Tongue Twister?

IMG_2681Every language has tongue-twisters!  Come to the Language Garden and tell us yours, and help to fill our wall!

Space and Irish Sign Language

Members of the Centre for Deaf Studies will demonstrate Irish Sign Language (ISL) and then give you the chance to draw what you think is being described to you through ISL.  Meet them beside the white tree….

Katch a Kenning!

Kennings are a literary device common in Old Norse poetry and sagas.  Using metaphor and compounding (putting two words together to make a new word), kennings can also be seen as an insight into the ‘viking’ mind, by viewing the world from their eyes and experiences.

Katch a Kenning is a ‘fishing’ game for two players or teams.  Players fish for kennings from our pond, and have to work out what each kenning means.  The team or player with the most correct kennings after 3 minutes wins!

Read My Lips!

How well do you think you can understand someone without hearing their voice?  Test your abilities through an interactive video display and see how well you do without sound…


Morphemes are the building-blocks of words.  In English, they generally make up three groups, the ‘stem’ of a word (usually a verb or a noun), prefixes and suffixes.  These can be added to change the meanings of words, or even change them from one type of word into another (for example, a noun into an adjective or a verb into an adverb).

Morphemes-Boggle will give you a set of stems, prefixes and suffixes, and challenge you to come up with as many different words using those morphemes in 30 seconds!  The more you get, the higher you’ll score, and if you beat the top score you can win a prize!

Internet Slang Crossword

Slang is constantly updating, and the Internet reflects this.  See if you can guess the slang phrases from the clues and fill in our crossword.


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