What is the Dublin Language Garden?

The Dublin Language Garden is an annual one-night event that will take a ‘snapshot’ of all the different varieties of languages spoken in Dublin on Culture Night, 16th September 2016.  The Linguistics Researchers from Trinity College Dublin will document these varieties by writing words, phrases and submissions from all visitors to the garden on flowers and leaves, and using them to build up the Dublin Language Garden.

Our set of talks and activities around the Trinity Long Room Hub will inspire you in what you choose to ‘plant’ in the garden.  We will also have themed ‘trees’ and window boxes which will have flowers and leaves written under a particular theme.

From 9pm onwards, we will shift tone somewhat for the ‘Night Garden‘ where we will discuss the more taboo aspects of language, including the themes of offensive language in different cultures.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with the latest activities and talks as we add them.


If you plan to attend the Dublin Language Garden, and require an Irish Sign Language interpreter, please email dublinlanguagegarden@gmail.com, or message us on our Facebook page (see above)

For those who require wheelchair access, or have difficulty with stairs, the Ideas Space in the Trinity Long Room Hub can gain access via a lift from outside the building.

DLG2016 teaser poster.jpg

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